Sex dolls

Sex doll care

So you bought the coveted sex doll, but don’t know how to care and store after crazy amazing sex?

Store the doll better when standing, it is advisable to purchase a doll with legs upright, or in limbo, if you keep it lying, then try to put it so that the doll’s weight is even.

Dolls have the property of painting, and so that this does not happen – do not wear colored clothes on it. especially cotton, ideally there will be synthetic things, but first, they need to be washed. so that all the paint from the clothes is gone. As soon as there is no paint on the clothes – you can safely put it on.

TPE material contains a little fat, do not put it booty on your bedspread something. for this, there is a synthetic blanket.

It is better to wash the doll in warm water, a neutral soap solution. if you want to put the doll in the bathroom – put something under her legs, so as not to spoil the bathroom.

After you wash the doll – rub it with baby oil, and let it soak, then treat it with powder. or starch.

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